Ankara is a capital city and political center of this country as the Grand National Assembly is established here. This city is very old and has a long history dating back to the Stone Age, as a result, there are many wonderful sites to visit. It is a perfect destination for a short vacation because after visiting museums, cultural spots, and political institutions, many green parks and traditional cafes will be welcoming you to rest and enjoy the best what this city has.

City Outline

Ankara is the second-largest city, but it is quiet, and you will not find much chaos there. The atmosphere is very different from typical small Turkish towns as there is no noise of honking cars or intrusive sellers around every corner, so it will make you feel like visiting some European city. But if you have a mood for shopping, then it might be heaven because there are many modern malls and you can find the trendiest brands.

Despite all museums and cultural sites, Ankara is a perfect place just wondering around and exploring the unknown little streets because the architecture of this city is outstanding. The highlights might be Ziraat Bank Headquarters, urbanistic office buildings of Ulu, and the main train station of art deco style. However, the old districts can amaze you by many ornate and traditional houses, old metal lamps, and thousands of towers of old clocks.


One of the most interesting places to visit is Anıtkabir. This is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who was the first and second President of the Republic of Turkey and he still is one of the most respected public figures here. The tomb of Ataturk can be found in the Hall of Honor. The building is very beautiful, and the War of Independence museum is also arranged there. The area is divided into two parts: the first is called the Road of Lions where the parade of Turkish soldiers is held every day, and the second part is called the Peace Park.


Another must-see place is the Ankara Castle called Kalesi. This is a perfect spot because the caste is built on a hill, so you can enjoy the view of the whole Ankara from above. Initially, the castle was a defensive fortress but now it is a museum. The Çengelhan Rahmi M. Koç Museum is located very close to the castle and might be interesting to those who are interested in cars and industry. This museum might be a great educational adventure for kids as there are many interactive exhibitions and entertainments.

If you want to know more about Islam, then it is highly recommended to visit the Kocatepe Mosque. This is the largest mosque in Ankara and one of the largest mosques in the world, as a result, more than 24 thousand people can fit inside. The building was finished in 1987 and the works of construction lasted for more than 20 years.  The mosque represents the neoclassical Ottoman architectural style and has a stunning interior. However, dress properly and read the requirements before visiting this place because it is necessary to respect this important place for Muslims.

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