Best Ways to Travel Around Turkey

If you plan on visiting Turkey, then you may want to know what are some of the best ways of traveling around the country. Turkey has good infrastructure and a great public transportation system, which greatly facilitates being able to travel around and see the country. Turkey has several airlines that you can choose from. The main airline is Turkish Airlines which has flights both within the country and internationally. Atlasjet and Pegasus Airlines are two domestic air carriers that operate within the country. These airlines fly into all the main transportation hubs of Turkey. Airlines from Europe and America also fly into these main hubs. It is thus relatively easy to fly into and within Turkey.

Train Line

The train system is currently good only in the eastern and central regions of Turkey. This is something to remember when planning your trip. You may need to find a different means of transport depending whereabouts you plan on going. In the city of Istanbul, you can take a tram, which is an affordable and safe means of seeing the city.

It is very popular for people to travel around the country in coaches (mini-buses). Coach travel is very affordable, and they even give you a light meal and drinks if the journey lasts more than two hours. If you plan on traveling for more than two hours and traveling outside of a city, then the coach may be the way to go. If you plan on traveling within the city you can take a dolmus, which is a shared taxi. These may be a bit crowded but are also quite affordable and can take you around the city easily.

Car Rental

You can also rent a car if you would like to do so. Provided you have a form of identification such as a passport and a driver’s license it will be easy enough to do. North American and European driver’s licenses may be accepted but you would need to verify this with the rental car company. Driving in the big cities may be quite stressful, so you should keep this in mind. The other potential problem is that the cost of gasoline is high, so it may be too expensive to use this option depending on your budget. If you do not rent a car you could rent a motorbike or scooter. The same issues apply though. The cost of the fuel will be high and driving treacherous in the big cities. It is also important to obey all the traffic rules as you are likely to receive a traffic fine if you do not.

A fun option is to rent a bicycle for the day. This would be great way to see the countryside. There are also ferries and boats that you can go on. Some of these will take you out to the Greek Islands. For the most part they are affordable, but costs do change often so you would have to check on costs.

Whichever one of these travel methods you use, you are sure to have a great time in Turkey.

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