Cute Cafes to Visit in Turkey

1. Eminönü Ferry Docks

Pronouncing the Eminönü is quite difficult especially to non-natives. It is an active hub that is located on the shores of the peninsula with a breath-taking view in every direction. The major point of attractions here is the delicious fried fish sandwich and the multi-colored boats that is standby on the water.

Also, meals are served on small plastic tables with chairs on the dock. It is also a common sight to see Sellers selling verities of products ranging from electronic toys cars, leather products and corn in the buzzy scene; coupled with the loud horns of the ferries and seagulls.

2. Çorlulu Ali Paşa

The Çorlulu Ali Paşa is just a few meters away from the Beyazit tramway stop. The tea garden has been in existence since the 18th century. You will always find older men from the mosque nearby reading through old newspapers in the daytime. At night, the area is filled with small wooden chairs which are scattered around small tables that are knee light. It is at night that you will find the younger crowd sitting around, chatting while smoking or sipping their drink. The madrasah has two entrances and you can shop for oriental trinkets there too.

3. Coffee and Shisha at Kammerer

The scent of tobacco from the small collection of brightly colored interiors of Shisha and Coffee Shops is sure to attract passersby from the streets. Most of the cafes in Cheshire almost similar in their decorations and what they offer; that is different flavors of Shisha, tea, coffee and a big television for entertainment.

Kammerer has customer base that always comes back to have a taste of its melon flavor. At nights, especially on football nights, sellers are seen carrying their wares which include nits, appetizers, and slices of fruits to sell to people around. A combination of Shisha and the entertaining joyful shouts from football fans makes for an enjoyable nightlife in Kammerer.

4. Galata Konak Cafe

The Konak Café is unique for its location. You can get a view of the Golden Horn and Bosphorus while standing at one side of the café and the popular Galata Tower that has been in existence since the medieval period from the other side.

The café house is a 3-story building and a ride in its small elevator will lead you into the indoor café with its colorful armchairs, gramophones, and chandeliers. On top of the café’s menu are a wide variety of cake and squeezed juices from freshly squeezed organic fruits.

5. İstiklal Street

Located in the middle of the Istanbul, Istiklal gives you a feel of the energetic city. The street is always busy with various classes of people ranging from students, people in power suits, photographers, and street performers. You can always have a taste of the nicely prepared roasted chestnuts or grab and ice cream from any of the vendors scattered around in the street. You can also try the game tables at Küçükparmakkapı Sokak.

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