Eight Best Places To Eat In Turkey

There is quite a large number of top-notch restaurants in turkey, from classic venues to restaurants with the Michelin star badge. There are beautiful places where you drop by and have a good meal. Here is a list of Turkey’s best restaurants.

Nicole Restaurant

This exotic eating rendezvous is managed by one of the best chefs in turkey-Aylin Yazicioglu. She has done the right job with this place and has continuously amazed her customers with different varieties of tasty dishes. She combines her French culinary skills with turkey’s natural ingredients to always serve a menu that is different everytime you drop by, this is why the restaurant is one of the most sought-after eating spots in turkey.


An Ideal Istanbul eating spot, Hunkar has been in business since 1950 serving the polished version of tradesman dishes in the neighborhood of Nisantasi. The interior of the restaurant is just like a café, you will walk right in and see the day’s freshly made meals. Do not fail to have a taste of their Kuzu incik ( slowly cooked lamb in eggplant), this meal is so tasty you will leave with an extra bag.

Borsa Restaurant

This places opened since 1927 and have been serving the locals some of the best Turkish cuisines ever since. The restaurant still maintains that old theme and has only improved their culinary delivery. There serve varieties of local food which you can try out, from the yaprak sarmasi to the kuzu tandir, one thing is sure, you will love to come back next time.


This is most prominent restaurants in Bodrum and serves a variety of fantastic seafood. The restaurant has a delicious menu that includes some of the best seafood around the area. You should try out the sea snail with wine sauce, fresh clams served with lemon or even their smoked eel, you can wash these down with the Turkish white wine.

Karaköy Lokantası

This is another famous tradesman restaurant that offers fantastic Turkish home cooked meals in a beautiful environment. The floor of the restaurant is finished with this classic dark turquoise tiles and very artist window installations. Their menu is every changing as their offer varieties of local dishes that comes with different seasons.

Yeni Lokanta

This is one of Istanbul’s favorite gourmet spots that offer the best Anatolian recipes and ingredients in a modern display of culinary perfection. The place is managed by the celebrity chef Civan Er, and he has never failed to deliver mouth-watering dishes.


This is a unique restaurant with a class of its own in Istanbul. This spot tries out a different variety of tasty dishes daily, and their menus are always representing the strong Anatolian food history. Try out this place and be sure to have a good time.


This is another spot where you can visit for a memorable experience. This restaurant serves some of the best seafood in Bodrum. The place is always full, and you are likely going to make a reservation if you want to enjoy eating at the beach.

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