Famous Turkish Chefs

Turkey has one of the most interesting cuisines in the world. It combines the gastronomic culture from all the surrounding countries and it is considered by many a live heritage of the country. The makers of this art are the marvelous Chefs that continue the gastronomic tradition. We have listed some of the best Turkish Chefs in order to make it easier for you to choose the best restaurant when visiting Turkey.

Probably the most viral Turkish Chef is Salt Bae. The internet exploded after a picture of this handsome Chef appeared on the social media. The pose and the attitude of the Chef make this picture truly iconic. Many memes and reinterpretations appeared after this picture. The real name of the protagonist is Nusret Gökçe. He is the chef of a famous steak house called Nusr-et. He co-owns six locations of this famous restaurant. The restaurants are very high rated and they have famous clients like Antonio Banderas. What makes this Chef so popular is the way he looks and acts. All the videos with him cooking are very captivating because he manages to make something as simple as salting a piece a piece a true work of art. He is very fashionable and likes to experiment with different recipes in order to maintain the high ratings of his restaurants.

Maksut Aşkar

Maksut Aşkar is one the most famous Chefs in Istanbul. He started his career with a small catering business and now he is one of the most respected restaurant owners in Turkey. He believes that the best meals come from mixing together tradition and innovation. And this is exactly what happens in his restaurant called Neolokal. The atmosphere is also very inviting and it reflects the combination between new and old.

Şemsa Denizsel is another famous Chef from Istanbul. Her restaurant called Kantin is very popular for the simplicity and delicious food. She believes that good food doesn’t need additional plating. The food served here is a mixture between traditional and modern food. All the recipes are inspired from the traditional Turkish cuisine with a personal touch from the Chef.

Aylin Yazıcıoğlu started her career in Michelin-rated restaurants in Paris. She returned in her homeland and opened the restaurant called Nicole. The menu changes every six weeks and it is themed based on the season. She believes that when someone cooks with love all the people eating that food will feel that. She likes to mix traditional Turkish ingredients with classic French cooking techniques. The combination is purely mesmerizing.

Musa Dağdeviren is the brain behind the success of Ciya restaurants. He started at a very young age. When he was five he started working in his uncle’s bakery. Since then he hasn’t stopped cooking and developing new recipes. One of the most interesting traits of this Chef is the love for the local and obscure culinary culture. He often travels the country in search for new ingredients and forgotten recipes. The cooking technique is impeccable and the taste is truly amazing.

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