Food Festivals In Turkey

Like every other well meaning country, Turkey celebrates the efforts of their agricultural sector in providing enough food, income and job opportunities by either hosting food festivals or supporting organizations that do so. And there are many great ones in Turkey. Let’s take a look at some of the famous food festivals and exhibition held in the country yearly.

The International Agriculture And Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Location Of Exhibition: Istanbul, Turkey

This is an exhibition by TUYAP fairs and Exhibitions Inc, TARMAKBIR, Turkish Agricultural Machinery Equipment Manufacturers Association in conjunction with Eurasia. The 9th edition of the International Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery exhibition took place in 2016 by the Ministry of food, agriculture, livestock, Ministry of Economy and Turkey Chambers of Agriculture Union support. This presentation is a great place for those in the industry to get together and talk about Turkey’s agricultural sector.

World Food Festival

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

This is the biggest and has been running the longest of all the international food exhibitions that are held every year in Turkey. The festival hosts over 460 suppliers who exhibit there food products and thousands of people in business from Europe and Asia come for business yearly.

International Conference On Food Processing And Technology

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

This exhibition showcases the research work of various scientists and food nutritionists from all over turkey. Turkey leads other countries world in food and agriculture, so this festival is geared at celebrating this feat and discovering essential avenues to boost the food processing sector of the economy. The festival’s agenda for the 2016th edition focused on investigating the relationship between food and how it links to our nutrition and the future technological advancements of the processing sector. The Turkish food sector employs over 100,000 workers and even technical staffs in over 28,000 small and medium enterprises scattered all over the country.

Mediterranean Exhibitions For Hotels, Motels, And Restaurants

Location: Antalya, Turkey

The last edition of this exhibition was held in April 2017 and had over 28,000 persons in attendance. The display is a global brand for conferences, events, and trade show that focuses on the “Feed to Meat” supply chain. A multi-national event that hosts unique features from Agric sectors of poultry farming, cattle, calves, piggery and other meat supply.  The concept of the festival is to integrate all areas of animal protein production chain for better growth and development. The exhibition brings together all participant in meat production to develop better means of increasing the supply of products to consumers.

Anfas Bevex Trade Exhibition For Beverage

Location: Antalya, Aksu- Antalya, Turkey

This is an exhibition by the European Snacks Association (ESA) and it the best snacks and nuts exhibition in entire Europe. The event units all the contributors in the snack industry and existing plus potential business partners for a summit/retreat. SNACKEX brings both demand and supply by linking up qualified buyers and big shots in the industry with renowned sellers that have quality products to offer. This exhibition was last held in 2016 with over 200 persons in attendance and is hoped to return this year in a more prominent edition.

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