Great Turkish Wines to Try

For those who have visited Turkey and tasted the great food, the great Turkish wine is not a surprise. Turkey has been producing wines for centuries, and this country has always been acknowledged as a top winemaker. Many great kinds of different wines have been produced in this region before the Romans and Egyptians started to make it. However, Turkish wine has finally found international acclaim in the last decade.

A wide selection of indigenous grapes grow in different regions of Turkey gives very individual character and flavor to the wine. Most of these grapes are known only in Turkey and they are not included in the worldwide lists of best and classic wine grapes. But Narince and Kalecik Karasi grapes are perfect for producing robust wines that are getting more popular around the world.

The Best Regions

The best wine-producing areas in Turkey are along the Agean Coast, Cappadocia,  and Thrace. All kinds of wine from these areas are highly sought. However, at the time when Turkish wine was starting to make its mark on the international stage, all promotions of alcohol were banned by the Turkish government in 2013. It was a big obstruction to the growing industry of Turkish wine. Despite the fact of this prohibition, the industry is still growing, and Turkish wine is popular amongst the tourists.

Pasaeli – Calkarasi Rose

The Calkarasi grapes are grown in the southwest part near Cal. This region is high above the sea level and has rocky soils. Because of these conditions, the wine is very highly aromatic and delicious such as fruity rose wine called Calkarasi Pasaeli. The Aegean Coast Region has a little bit cooler climate and the regional kinds of wine have a freshness and acidity that makes them perfect with seafood or as an aperitif.

Urla Sarapcilik

One of the best kinds of red wine in Turkey is Urla Sarapcilik. However, if you want to try it, better be prepared to pay a premium price for this widely acclaimed wine. The Nero D’Avola grapes are grown on three thousand-year-old vineyard and you can certainly feel it in the finished product. This wine is dark, robust and is full of complex tannins that make it ideal for the exotic meat dishes that Turkey is famous for.

Pasaeli – Karasakiz Merlot

Pasaeli wines have been receiving good reviews from the European wine industry and they keep on knocking out some great vintages. This 2014 Karasakiz Merlot is simply divine, and the aging of this deep red wine in French oak barrels for six months certainly adds a great note to its character. There are overtones of cherry, balsamic, and even rosehip that gives a tart aftertaste which is also full of acidity.

These are just a few of the Turkish great wine kinds. Because of the alcohol promotion ban, the best wines are exported and that the local wines of Turkey are best described as table wines. So, if you are going to visit this beautiful country, get a tradition dinner on the coast and taste some of the best Turkish wine as there is no better way to experience its culture. Enjoy!

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