Markets to Check Out While in Turkey

If you are visiting Turkey for the first time or have stayed in the country for some time and have not visited its markets, then the places mentioned in this article will help you find some of the best places to shop that you should visit.

Fatih Market

This market is in the ancient city of Istanbul and ranks the oldest market in the city. The market day is Wednesday, which is why it is called Casamba Pazari. The place remains open from 5 in the morning to 9 in the evening. The market hosts about 1,290 sellers, 4,800 stands, and an estimated 2,500 peddlers all distributed across the seven major and minor streets of Fatih. You can find all you need in this market: whether it is vegetables, fruits, household items or clothing, Fatih Market has all. One advantage the visitors have in this place is the opportunity to experience local middle-class life.


Known also by its translation as Green Village, Yesikoy ranks among the most respected markets. The venue is at Yesikoy, an area popular with the high class of people resident in the place. A lot of quality products are sold in this market and activities are well-organized. The venue sits on a 12-thousand square meter land, with randomly located stalls, toilets, elegant settings and tea cafes. Many of the vendors allow the use of credit cards, but the cost of items seems high compared to markets elsewhere.

Besiktas Market

Besiktas is a market that thrives mostly on Saturdays. It composes of 400 stalls only and offers some items not found in other markets in Turkey. Some of these rare items include shoes, bags, home textiles and uncommon jewelry. Activities in the market begin very early in the morning and gradually decrease before night time.

Ulus Market

The market is sometimes called Sosyete Pazari, which means the social market. The name was given because the market offers a mixture of genuine and counterfeit products. The government locked down the market in 2005 due to the complaints on noise pollution filed by concerned citizens. Later, the market was reopened opposite of the former site. The new venue falls within the jurisdiction of Ortakoy and no more in Ulus. Notwithstanding, the markets still floods with the best of Gap, Adidas, Fred Perry T-shirts, pants, Burberry boots, Abercrombie sweatshirts, Lauren T-shirts, and the useful Louis Vuitton bag to mention a few. There are other products such as jackets, waistcoats and make-up items found in the market. Ulus market is open between 8 in the morning and 7.30 in the evening on Thursdays.

Kadikoy Market

The market is open only on Tuesdays and Fridays and is located in the Asian part of the historical Istanbul. The small market began in 1969 and later grew in size as more people relocated to the area. With this reputation, the market became the only comfort for the stressful life in the city. Later in December 2008, the venue was moved to a place forty thousand square meters wide. About 4,000 stalls, mostly operated by women, and a car park make up this now modern market.

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