Outdoor Activities to Try in Turkey

Turkey is a growing attraction to many tourists. Its dry shores blended with beautiful scenery make it an irresistible destination. The country boasts many historical sites and places of interest which add to the rich cultural heritage of the people.

The incredible combination of cultures from the Middle East and the Mediterranean is strong enough to trigger admiration in many tourists. It is a place where curiosity meets satisfaction and the right atmosphere to gratify their wildest imaginations.

Outdoor Activities in Turkey

Turkey is surrounded by four seas and has one of the most attractive coastal scenery – untouched, untapped and inviting. With seas as bright as a clean glass sheet and blue waters, this remarkable ancient destination is a great place to visit. Taking into account the secret coves, wind-weary rugged cliffs and richly endowed bay and beaches, Turkey is a natural place for fun and sports. You can find such sports as snorkelling, kite surfing, scuba diving and canoeing. There is a lot more to enjoy in Turkey, and the resorts on the coasts offer a glimpse to the exciting things the country has to offer.

Kite surfers from across the globe often resort to the wind-beaten Aegean coastline which is a favourite place for windsurfers as well. The Turkish airline Pegasus will get interested visitors to Bodrum as fast as possible in order to reach the famous resort centres like the renowned Bitez. Tourists can use the services of skilful sailors to navigate the sea from Bodrum to any destination of their choice. Visitors who want to learn how to pilot yachts are also welcome to enjoy the thrill of the sea. Experienced sailors monitor and supervise all the seafaring activities to make sure nothing goes wrong during the trip.

Ancient Attractions

Tourists can visit many of the ancient attractions in Turkey. Some of the beautiful sights are the beautiful building of Aya Sofya Museum, the vast ruins of Ephesus, the opulent Topkapi Palace, and the travertine of Pamukkale. Other outdoor wonders to be seen are the Sumela Monastery, Mount Nemrut, the Silk Road City of Ani, the Roman Theatre of Aspendos, the Pergamum and the marvelous inlet of Oludeniz.

The beautiful scenery all over Turkey offers the opportunity for those who love trekking and climbing with various levels and complexities. Tourists can enjoy the exciting trek from the paths and trails in Cappadocia to the more difficult journey in the Kackar Mountains located in the North Eastern part of the country. The sight alone is overwhelming, and you’ll get the lifetime of memories to bring home with you. Turkey has many mountain ranges, and some of these places are popular with tourists. The highest climb is Mount Ararat and many climbers are tempted to try out their various skills.

In winter, favourite sports are organised in popular resorts to keep the people entertained. The most visited of these places is the Ski Resort located not too far from Istanbul. During some specific seasons, people can be seen spending their time along the coasts, engaging in activities such as swimming and skiing during the day.

Enjoy your Turkish holiday!

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