Top Turkish Nightlife Spots

Nightlife experience in Istanbul is one of the best you can ever have. With many famous landmarks existing from a few years to several decades, you will enjoy more sights than you’d expect. The city has all the suitable entertainment to give visitors a warm welcome and enjoyable stay in Istanbul.

The array of pubs and clubs on various streets in Asian districts such as Kadikoy offer a fantastic nightlife for both local citizens and visitors. However, as you move towards the European side of the country, the clubs become more scattered and less concentrated in one locale.

Some of the places littered with nightclubs include Nisantasi in Sisli district, Ortakoy in Besiktas or Taksim district, Istiklal and Nevizade in the district of Beyoglu. The list is endless, but you will find some of these exciting places listed below. Check them out.


Frequently visited by the rich and powerful in the city, the Sortie overlooks the beautiful city of Istanbul. Located in Bosphorus, the club has a rich blend of a restaurant and three bars open from 6 in the evening to 4 in the morning. A place to be, Sortie accords its customers the fun and relaxation they wish in a city like Istanbul.


Ruby is a three-story magnificent building on the shores of Bosphorus. This nightclub entertains customers with assorted food that can be enjoyed in the garden and balcony, with a special bonus in a form of the so called Bosphorus Panoramic View. Two nightclubs are located in the same building: one at the top, the other below.


A nineteenth-century penthouse harbors the nightclub called 360. The building gives patrons and customers the view of such famous sights as the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. The venue is known for four distinct components, which are cuisine, design, entertainment and atmosphere. On weekends, nightlife is the most exciting, with the atmosphere charged with DJs, vocalists, dancers and other live performances until the morning of the next day.

Babylon Bomonti

This nightclub moved from its original place in Asmalimescit to a new center in Bomonti in September 2015. As a multi-purpose event center, Babylon Bomonti hosts many performances including reggae, jazz, electronic and world music, Latin and Turkish vibes, and some independent group performers of pop and rock.

There is no food available for patrons and customers at the club, but a well-stocked bar is accessible to those with tickets only. Babylon Bomonti is the favorite of those who are addicted to music and greatly in love with live performances. The building design is old-fashion and offers one of the best opportunities to have a taste of Turkish rock and some other rock music from old and new performers and their bands.


Klein nightclub is the best place for those who indulge in pleasure and, above all, have interest in enjoyment. With suspended dancers creating live performances and some subterranean background to go with their display, the venue offers great relaxation for its patrons and customers. The location of the building is not very far from Taksim Square. The nightclub features international and local DJs demonstrating their electronic and techno skills.

Have fun the next time you are in Turkey and checking out the nightlife scene, and, as always, be safe.

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