Traditional Turkish Food

Are you planning on visiting turkey and want to try out some of their mouth-watering traditional dishes? Come on board as we take you through five delicious conventional Turkish recipes you should check out when you land in Istanbul.


Lahmacun is thin dough usually covered with a tasty mixture of spices, herbs, and minced meat. This delicious meal is prepared by placing the Dough on a long paddle and into an oven. The dough is then sprinkled with parsley sprigs, chopped tomatoes, and lemon juice when it is ready. The mixture is then rolled up with the fillings before consumed. This delicacy originates from southeastern turkey in the city of Gaziantep. This region makes better spiced Lahmacun that what you will find in other parts of the country.

Dolma & Sarma

The word Dolma means “stuffed” and is from stuffed vegetables. This staple food is one of Turkey’s memorable traditional dinner and is loved all over the country. The meal comes with stuffed peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, dried eggplants, minced meat, rice, and spices. Sometimes you will find a Dolma without meat, but you won’t even tell between the two as the meal is very delicious. The meal comes with a ladleful of yogurt poured on the top to give it that sweet milky taste. Then the meal is usually wrapped with cabbage or grape leaves called the “Sarma,” the choice of leaves depends on the region, but no matter the fillings,  it will come out tasty.

Kuru Fasulye

The Kuru Fasulye is one favorite comfort food in turkey. The meal is made from white beans and is popular during the winter months. White beans are soaked in water overnight and boiled with fresh tomatoes, onions, and sometimes small pieces of meat for additional flavor. The stew goes with white rice. It is best to eat this dish in some of the esnaf lokanta or tradesmen restaurants in Istanbul. You will find these restaurants in allies and corner shops in the streets. The restaurants managed by families who have been in business over an extended period. So you are sure to eat an excellent homemade a meal for a reasonable price.


Turkey’s famous Kebap is renowned all over the world and served in top continental restaurants across the globe. The meal originates from the city of Bursa but has food its way to all major restaurants in Istanbul. The meal is soft pieces of lamb meat spread over big chunks of pita bread; with hot butter poured over the entire plate. There are plenty varieties of the Kebap dish, and this depends on the region. But all of them have one thing in common; there are very delicious.


This is the last on our list and is one meal that is famous throughout turkey and even in central Asia and the Caucasus region. It is not yet sure where this meal originates from; rumor has it that the meal cameTurkey by the Normadic tribes of central Asia. Manti is usually prepared from dumplings stuffed with minced meat. The meatballs are then cooked and served with garlicky yogurt and sprinkle butter spiced with red pepper flakes. Try out these meals whenever you are in turkey, and your taste buds will be happy you did.

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