Travel in Style to See Turkey at Your Own Pace

Turkey is a country filled with architecture straight from a fairy-tale, ancient sites straight from a history book and warm and friendly people, ready to welcome you straight into their home. It’s a magical place and, when you visit, you won’t want to miss a single second of it. There are plenty of different ways in which you can travel through Turkey, but some methods match particularly well to certain places. Read on to find out more about sailing along the Aegean coastline or why you should learn to love the humble coach trip.

Sail the Ocean Blue

What better way to experience Turkey’s stunning Aegean coast than from the deck of a luxury sail boat? Whether you decide to take a guided tour for the day or rent a traditional gulet for your entire party for the week, you’ll love this once in a lifetime trip. Sailing through the bright blue seas with the sun beating down is vacation enough for most of us, but there’s also the added treat of all the historical sites to be found along the way.

Travelling through the landscape
Travelling through the landscape

One of the best places to visit by boat is the ancient city of Ephesus. Due to its strategic position, this city was a centre for trade and commerce back in the day but now is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Featuring the famous Temple of Artemis, one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, you make Ephesus a must-see during your trip.

All Aboard the Eastern Express

Long haul train travel was once reserved for those running low in funds or students looking for adventure. However, thanks to a recent increase in interest, Turkey is making train travel to the most easterly parts of the country accessible to everyone. A second Eastern Express train will be running from the capital of Ankara through to Kars, taking a full 24 hours to complete its journey.

Although it doesn’t compare to the sumptuous luxury of the Orient Express, this train journey provides plenty of opportunity to enjoy yourself. Whether you’d like to take photos of the stunning landscapes to upload to your Instagram, take a quiet moment to settle in to Pokerstars casino or listen to an audiobook on Audible, this journey is the perfect moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Once you arrive in Kars, you’ll even be able to take a sleigh ride across the ice. Simply magical!

Coach Trip

Chances are that, if you’re reading this now, you’re not the type that usually books a coach trip when getting away on holiday. The strict itinerary, close confinement amongst strangers and often breakneck pace of some coach tours isn’t for everyone, we understand that. However, Turkey is a great place to tour by coach, and it doesn’t have to be anything like the nightmare you might fear.

On the Lycian Way
On the Lycian Way

Instead, it’s a wonderful chance to explore all the most significant historical and cultural sites with a knowledgeable guide and all your amenities taken care of. This leaves you with more time to simply enjoy the ride and make some special memories. Coach trips are much more flexible these days too, with many factoring in time to explore and discover a more authentic Turkey, rather than dashing from place to place. Give it a try – it might surprise you!

These Boots Were Made For…

For some people, walking will not seem like an obvious mode of transport whilst on vacation. After all, isn’t a holiday meant to be relaxing? But whether you’re a hardcore hiker or a relative newcomer to the activity, Turkey has plenty of beautiful walks for you have a go at. Perhaps the most famous is the Lycian Way; this 509km walk is a way-marked footpath stretching around the southern coastline from Fethiye to Antalya. Although this walk is certainly not for total beginners, it is very rewarding and will allow you to view the beauty of this country from a totally new perspective.

St Paul’s Trail is of a similar length, starting in Perge and ending in Yalvac and taking in many Roman roads along the way. It does feature quite a big climb from sea level up to as high as 2800m at certain points, so you will need dedication and experience to attempt it. Just imagine the views you’ll see along the way though!Turkey is a unique and fascinating country, poised as it is between the culture of East and West. Whilst it contains many tourist traps, most notably in Istanbul, it also has swathes of quiet countryside just begging to be explored. Once you’ve seen the real Turkey, you will never think of this dazzling country in the same way ever again.

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